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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help improve children's health and happiness.

And our vision is to become the trusted name in children’s nutrition globally and widely recognized for helping foster healthy eating and drinking habits to last a lifetime. 

 good2grow®, founded in 2001, is a family owned and operated company based in Atlanta, Georgia. At good2grow® we live, sleep and dream healthy kids drinks. (We even drink them!) It's how we've quickly become America's leading experts in the children's beverage category. With a team of over 50 creators, designers, tinkerers, marketers and nutritionists, we're deeply committed to one simple goal—creating wholesome, nutritious drinks in irresistible packaging kids love.

We're constantly investing in top-quality beverages, packaging technology, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and the freshest, most nutritious ingredients available—all while building lasting relationships with our blockbuster licensing partners.

Spill Proof Nutrition for KIDS

2 Age Appropriate Sizes

Kids have different nutritional needs depending on their ages. We're up for the challenge. That's why good2grow comes in two different sizes, providing age-appropriate nutrition across many yummy flavors.

All our packaging is BPA free (of course), and we made our new bottles with state of the art oxygen barrier technology to seal out the oxygen - for fresher, longer tasting taste and full vitamin potency.

Our character Sippa Top bottle toppers on 6 ounce products are spill-proof, reusable and dishwasher safe. And our contoured shape is just right for a kid sized grip.

 Good2Grow Items that are stocked at

Merrill Distributing Inc.

 ITEM # 966100-08    18/8 ounce  G2G 100% Apple Juice

ITEM # 925180-01    18/8 ounce     G2G 100% Fruit Juice

ITEM # 928181-01    18/8 ounce     G2G Water Fruit Punch

ITEM # 928180-02     18/8 ounce     G2G Water Grape

ITEM # 966180-00     18/6 ounce     G2G Drink Streawberry Kiwi

ITEM # 966185-09   18/6 ounce   G2G Drink Tropical Fruit Medley

Check out our licensced character SippaTopcaps