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Klement's at Merrill Distributing

Fresh, Wholesome, Delicious Food

Here in the Midwest, we may not be the trendiest folks, but we do know good food, fresh, wholesome, and delicious. We call it butcher block quality- delicious meats and sausage products that are meticulously crafted the way it used to be done in the butcher shops. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the center of the sausage universe and Klement's is sausage's shining star!

Our Foundershttp://www.klements.com/files/about/founders.jpg

When it all began, three brothers; John, George and Ron Klement purchased a small sausage company in a highly European area on Milwaukee's south side started back in 1956 with ambition and family-held recipes from the old country. There was a perfect synergy between the company and it’s customers: The community was eager for the taste of sausage just like the old country and we are able to provide that taste. What was founded would become a signature sausage company. From the humble beginnings with six employees, Klement's has grown from a small sausage kitchen to Milwaukee's largest producer of fine, old fashion sausage products. Klement's was family founded and has been family operated since day one. It's a proud tradition with a dedication to excellence that has helped the business prosper. Today the Klement Sausage Company continues to be operated under the family name with the same ambition and the very same recipes. We’re a throwback and proud of it!

Pride in Quality and Freshness

Quality and freshness have always been the center points for the company's success. Klement's products are considerably leaner than the competition. It's a high protein, lower fat product that today's consumers demand. The company's German bratwurst, Italian and Polish sausage have been the main stays of the company from the very beginning. Today there are hundreds of varieties of Klement's products available in homes, delicatessens and in the food service and snack industry. It's this rich history dedicated to quality products that has made Klement's the industry standard in fine, old fashion sausage.

The local flavor of Klement's savory sausage has been enjoyed for generations, at major league ballparks, neighborhood grillouts, and family gatherings for holiday feasts and everyday dinners. Klement's proudly sponsors many local and Midwestern professional sports teams and community events. Included are the Milwaukee Brewers (Miller Park), as well as the Milwaukee County Zoo. Klement's also proudly recognizes the sponsorship of The Klement's Famous Racing Sausages™ featured at Miller Park during Milwaukee Brewers home games.


517422 - 1/10 lb. - Brat Skinless Grill Mark Roller Grill 5:1

507890 - 1/10 lb. - Cheddarwurst Sausage 5x1 Skinless Grill

555200 - 1/10 lb. - Sausage Cheesy Brat 5:1 Smoked

507302 - 2/5 lb. - Hot Dog Chicago Style 8:1 All Beef

517022 - 1/10 lb. - Hot Dog 5:1 Skinless with Grill Marks

505755 - 2/5 lb. - Sausage Kielbasa Smoked Buffet Pieces

403031 - 26/.8 oz. - I.W. Beef Sticks in Caddy Box

403033 - 26/.8 oz. - I.W. Honey Ham Sticks in Caddy Box

403037 - 26/.8 oz. - I.W. Teriyaki Sticks in Caddy Box