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Quality Produce

Here at Merrill Distributing we provide the best quality produce, delivered fresh to your door. Whether you order exclusively for food service, salad bar or convenience store "to-go" items, we can provide for your produce needs. To ensure this Merrill Distributing has partnered with Loffredo.

Through our partnership with Loffredo, Merrill Distributing strives to find the best quality produce and to keep our customers informed with the latest information on the ever changing market and growing regions.

Merrill Distributing offers a large variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, along with fresh cut fruits and vegetables to help cut back on your labor.

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Loffredo Fresh Produce Co., Inc.

The history and philosophy of Loffredo mirrors that of Merrill Distributing getting fresh, quality product to the customer and earning the respect and dedication from our customers.

Loffredo History: The Loffredo dedication to service began in 1892 when Guisseppi Loffredo started the Loffredo Fruit and Tobacco Company serving hotels and restaurants in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. In 1918, Loffredo’s moved to Des Moines’ south side growing their own produce on several hundred acres. Today, our focus has shifted to distribution and we no longer grow our own produce; however, the best produce in the world passes through our five distribution centers: Des Moines, Iowa; Carter Lake, Iowa (Omaha); Kansas City, Missouri; Rock Island, Illinois; and Madison, Wisconsin. Our 80,000 plus square foot warehouse, fresh-cut facility and corporate headquarters is located in Des Moines, Iowa.

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Quality: At the heart of Loffredo Fresh Produce’s service is a system that is designed to deliver quality. Our membership in PRO*ACT, a national cooperative of independent produce distributors, and our purchasing power help us maintain a competitive advantage in the produce industry. Loffredo’s team of buyers works daily to secure produce from growing regions in the United States and all over the world. Our truck fleet operates on a pledge that produce spends no more than 36 hours in transport and a total of 72 hours from the grower to your cooler. The proper cold chain is maintained throughout the entire distribution network; our products are delivered in refrigerated, temperature controlled trucks and stored in computer controlled coolers.