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Rotella's Italian Bakery, Inc. specializes in breads and rolls made from ingredients that ensure products superior in appearance and nutrition. In our state of the art production facility, we strive to achieve a consistent product each and every time. Our sales and customer service personnel will further ensure that your needs are met in the most expeditious means.

History of Rotella:

The Rotella tradition began in 1850 in Calabria, Italy, where Domenico Rotella raised his own wheat and milled it into flour. He used that flour to bake the hearty loaves of bread that he sold to the villagers. Over time, Comenico's mastery of the art of baking became second to none. He passed his knowledge on to his son, Alessandro, who immigrated to the United States in 1909. Alessandro and his wife, Maria, settle in Omaha, Nebraska where in 1921 they began Rotella's Italian Bakery. Here, they began baking bread in a wood-fired oven, and, in the tradition of the day, delivered bread to their customers in a horse-drawn wagon. Over the yeras, Alessandro continued practicing his father's art and became a master himself.

Today, under the leadership of Alessandro's son Louis Senior, grandson Louis Junior, and other key family memebers including Louis Senior's son-in-law Dean Jacobsen and his son Dean Junior, the Rotella tradition continues into the fifth generation with great grandson Louis Rotella the Third.

The Rotella tradition has always remained the same, a commitment not only to the products, but also in the personal relations Rotella's Italian Bakery maintains with their customers.

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Top Rotella Items at Merrill Distributing:

       Item # 511401 - 6/8 ct. - Bun Kaiser Egg 4" Sliced           

     Item # 512766 - 8/6 ct. - Bread Ciabatta Bun

     Item # 511760 - 6/6 ct. - Bread Hoagie 7" Ciabatta       

  Item # 500799 - 6/12 ct. - Ciabatta 3-3/4" Square Sliced

      Item # 511595 - 6/1 ct. - Bread Marble Reuben Thick Slice      

  Item # 511597 - 6/1 ct. - Bread Marble Reuben 21 Slice

    Item # 511209 - 6/1 ct. - Bread Sour Dough Sliced Thin