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Smokey Mountain is the World's first tobacco free smokeless brand. Smokey Mountain uses the finest ingredients available in order to provide you with great tasting non-tobacco chew.

Smokey Mountain Snuff is actually more of a long cut. Our loose non-tobacco snuff is designed to provide exceptional taste and superior mouthfeel. To achieve that, we begin with hand-selected corn silk and kudzu root. We believe these expensive herbs provide the best base for tobacco-free snuff. We then add a proprietary blend of ingredients and flavoring in order to produce a rich, smooth taste. Finally, all of our snuff brands are manufactured in small batches to ensure the highest quality standards.

You'll find that Smokey Mountain products are often copied, and out brand is often imitated. So if you're an adult dipper, try Smokey Mountain Snuff or Pouches for a high-quality, tobacco-free chew.