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Custom-Cut Fresh Meat

Your most important food purchase is what is on the center-of-the plate – steaks, hamburgers, pork chops, chicken and seafood. Consistent flavorful quality that keeps your customers coming back night after night, and delights new customers so they return again and again. Surprising cuts that make their night a unique and enjoyable experience.

Ranger City Custom-Cut

Ranger City Meat has been providing its customers with the kinds of meats (beef, chicken and pork) that do exactly that for you since 1948, just a few years after World War Two! Since it’s humble beginnings in a small shop in downtown Wausaukee, WI, Ranger City Meat has grown into a federally inspected USDA meat cutting facility - just down the road in Wausaukee from the original building.


A young meat-cutter named Jeff started with Ranger City in the 1980’s – Jeff also happened to raise beef cattle. A few years later he bought the company with some partners to bring to life his own vision of what a good cut of meat should look like, using his knowledge of both raising beef cattle and cutting meat. In 2017 he agreed to an acquisition by Merrill Distributing Inc. to help take Ranger City Meats to a broader market. MDI is proud to have Ranger City Meat as its source and brand of hand-cut steaks and meat and hand-ground hamburger.

Jeff is still the head meat-cutter and our meat is still hand-cut in Wisconsin. Along with a couple of other seasoned meat-cutters, we bring over 100 years of meat cutting experience to your table.

Our Food

You have many choices to select from for buying your fresh meat, so what makes Ranger City Meat different? It’s our ability to cut meat to your needs – custom-cut fresh meat as you want it to delight your customers and bring profit to your operation. We are here as your local butcher shop to fulfill your needs.

Steaks and Hamburger

Ranger City Steak

Ranger City starts with buying beef that comes from quality animals, cattle from the Midwestern United States. We have a wide selection of beef cuts, from USDA Choice and Select, to value-focused cow tenders. We specialize in custom cuts and trimming, meaning we can offer premium center-cuts – no ends and butts, as well as more value-focused cuts that hit your price points. We hand-cut and individually wrap each steak to the size and cut you want to delight your customer at the right price point.

Our sandwich tenderloins are individually portioned and wrapped and are cut to your needs, 6 to 8 oz.

Our hamburger is made from ground chuck with the bench trim from our steaks. It’s hand-ground 80/20 (though it tends towards 85/15) with no other fillers and additives. We also make a 90/10 blend.


Ranger City Steak

Ranger City hand cuts our chicken from whole birds, 3 and 3/4 lb to 4 lb young birds, ~18 weeks old. No old hens in our production! Unlike the large national producers, we don’t throw random chicken parts into a bag and call it a whole bird – you get all the pieces from two chickens in every bag every time – 4 breasts, 4 legs, 4 wings, and 4 thighs from two birds. All fryable, 10-14 days shelf life unopened, tender, flavorful and sure to delight your customers and cooks. No more opening a new bag of chicken to find the missing breast or thigh.


Ranger City Steak

All of our pork is also hand-cut with controlled portions. We can customize our cuts for what you want to put on the customer’s plate that makes you unique! Chops, whole loins, bone-in or boneless.

We also make 90/10 ground Italian sausage using a time-honored recipe that will keep your customers coming back. You can use it in everything from meatballs, sandwich patties and a flavorful addition to many other dishes. Hand-made consistent quality!

Ranger City also hand-cuts cheese and prepared meats for your convenience. You can check out our selection of fine Wisconsin cheeses at the Ranger City Marketplace, located in Wausaukee WI adjacent to our meat cutting facility.

Your Best Value is the 10# Box! If you don’t see what you want, ask, and we’ll see what we can do!