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Dawn’s Foods produces foods that many of our customers say that they made themselves. We are proud to say that when our customers decided to purchase salads instead of making them “in-house”, Dawn’s is the name most people will choose for that replacement. Why? Because when a store puts their name on a product, it’s important to make it memorable. They try to make it as favorable and distinctive as possible. When you decide on Dawn’s, you will most assuredly get both.


Dawn’s Foods began in 1961 in the kitchen of Dawn and Harold Swan. Dawn began making her family recipe potato salad, which Harold sold, at the local grocery store he managed. Dawn’s homemade potato salad soon became a local favorite.

Soon afterward, a local food distributor began distributing Dawn’s potato salad throughout southern Wisconsin. The growing popularity of Dawn’s potato salad necessitated that production be moved from their kitchen to the renovated family garage, and then to a new 4000 sq. ft. production plant in Portage, WI. New salads and additional distributors were soon added.

Dawn’s Foods currently produces approximately 85 different products in nearly 200 different sizes. Dawn’s major product categories are deli salads, pasta salads, sour cream dips and spreads, ready to eat gelatins and desserts.


Item # 510380 – 2/5 lb. – Dawn’s Coleslaw Shredded or  Item # 510481 – 2/12 lb. – Dawn’s Coleslaw Shredded 

Item # 510080 – 2/5 lb. – Potato Salad Deluxe  Or  Item # 510561 – 2/12 lb. – Potato Salad Deluxe

Item # 510850 – 2/5 lb. – Dawn’s Salad Krab Alaskan